HIRO Staffing Solutions takes care of all the details so that you can get back to the business of running your business.
When your company has open positions, wouldn't it be great if all you have to do is choose what time you would like to interview presecreened qualified candidates?

No more annoying phone calls from potential candidates, no need to place an ad in the newspaper and wait for responses or spending countless hours trying to navigate the job boards.

Our trained specialist will provide you with prescreened candidates who meet your desired skill set within three business days in most cases.
Retained Search
A nominal fee is paid to initiate the search with the balance due upon completion of the search. $1800 per position regardless of the position or salary.

Contingency Search
No upfront cost, if we don't fill the position, there is no cost to you.

$2400 per position regardless of the position or salary.*
Virtual Recruiter Program Ideal for temporarily augmenting your HR Staff or In-house Recruiters
(i.e. during ramp-ups)               

Small Business Solutions Advanced Candidate Sourcing for about the cost of placing your own ad.